Monday, August 4, 2014

Red Bed of a Head

Getting redhead is rather a task for those with dark mane and often it isn't achievable without pre-bleaching the hair. Fret not though, for L'Oreal Majicontrast has just the solution for lazy bums (like me) who frown at the thought of causing too much damage to the hair. *Note that applying chemical of any sort, especially the kinds like oxydant cream of high volume WILL damage your hair. This bit is inevitable with hair dyeing, particularly for dark hair*

I'm not exactly sure how much hair dyeing costs in salons, but I'm pretty sure it's much more expensive than DIY. For professional results, especially if you're an amateur it is probably advisable to first get your hair done by an expert. Alternatively, you can learn from youtubes and beauty forums and go through some trials and errors like I do.

My red hair guru is LounaTutorials on youtube. Hers offer the best advice I've found regarding all things red hair - from how to dye to how to maintain the bright red hair.

Adapting from her tutorials, these are what I used:

Hair Colouring
Plastic measuring bowl (~RM 10)
A set of hair dyeing tools consisting of huge plastic bib, ear caps, disposable gloves and dyeing brush (RM 5)
Lakme oxydant cream/ developer [30vol/9%, 75ml] (RM 10 per 60ml)
L'Oreal Majicontrast Rouge Red (~RM 45) Vaseline (~RM 5) 

Hair claws

Old black t-shirt

Free towel

Post-colouring Hair Care
Greenology Organics Volumizing Shampoo
L'Oreal Color Vive Daily Rinse Out Treatment
Greenology Organics Argan and Macadamia Serum

Friday, June 21, 2013


The one main question that remains to be asked regarding shoes is none other than:

How high would you go?

This could refer both to the height and the prices of the shoes;
Do you dare going above 4 inches?
What is the absolute limit of what you are willing to pay for a pair of those feet companions?

From the above question, there are some related issues that can be broken down into:

the all-time dilemma of beauty versus comfort and/or practicality
in terms of prices, cheap or branded.

Other issues would be the appropriateness of certain types of shoes in different situations and also the kind of perception and expectation cast upon the wearer in whatever sole protectors they strut in (which, of course includes trend).

Going beyond four inches high was perhaps made much more popular by Lady Gaga, whose shoes are (as her wardrobe) may I say, outrageously otherworldly. Yet, unsurprisingly, she was also the one responsible in sparking interest in walking tall without heels, in both her songs and platforms without heels.

Not to say that you wouldn't fall even if you're an expert at moving about with extra height (and weight!) but you know what they say, the higher the risk, the higher the reward *pun intended* Who wouldn't notice you when you walk on the little stage you strut in?

Sarcasms aside though, other than demanding some deserved attention, heels do boost some confidence, especially for petites. Appropriately high and styled heels also assist in making one appear professional (three-inched court shoes for example).

For casual outing, particularly for summer, flats and sandals would of course be the shoes to wear. Strictly loyal high heels wearer, however could don wedges for summer. Flats are not only a perfect wear for pragmatic people, they could be uber-cute as well, as evident in Vivi shoes:

As for pricing, we are bound by our respective purchasing power and opportunity cost; buying those delicious-looking and hence expensive shoes would burn your wallet that you would have to forgo further purchases of other items. More often than not, the pricing of almost any items correlate with their quality. The perception is that the higher the price, the better the quality, though this does not always stand true. There are two types of people who believe in the direct correlation of pricing and quality; those who go for cheap shoes because trends do not stay the same for long anyway and those who prefer expensive ones for the quality and/or the brand name.

Moving on to the constant dilemma of beauty versus comfort and/or practicality, efforts are being made to merge the two together. From my personal observation, Clarks has progressed significantly from offering boring-looking but comfortable shoes to chic yet comfortable shoes. FitFlop is another invention that went quite a rage locally at one point, which introduced comfort into arguably pretty shoes.

The one kind of shoes I cannot imagine living without would be a simple black flat pumps. Since I have many a rule to what I wear each day, which, for shoes include comfort, practicality, easy matching and protection of my soles from the harshness of the world outside of my home, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that I have been wearing those almost everyday for about ten years.

Oh silly me, I neglected to include one of the greatest frustration of fashionistas when we found an amazing pair we'd love our feet to walk in: the SIZE!

Surely it wouldn't be hard for any of you to imagine how irritating it is when you are told that the shoes you take off the shelf are no longer available in your size. It is also sad when your measurement lies in the middle of two sizes they offer. Crocs are not friendly to the size of my feet. Luckily I'm not much of a fan of shoes made of foam. It is even sadder though, if the typical shoes offered in retail do not complement the specific shape of your feet.

So those are about all that my shopping buddies and I have discussed while shopping (sometimes before and after shopping as well). How do you readers take into account the above considerations? Are there any other issues with shoes? And what shoes fit your fancy? Feel free to leave a comment below, for I'd love to know your thoughts and experience. ;)

*disclaimer: all images are taken off Google search*

Monday, June 17, 2013

coming up


It has been months since the last post! I've been pretty occupied till lately, so.

But from now on, (hopefully many) more posts to come. 

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming up next:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fashion is Art

"I think I finally get it. Fashion is art. It's just another way of taking what's on the inside and putting it out there for everyone else to experience it. It's not shallow, it's courageous. It's beautiful."

- Ugly Betty after putting on Heinrich's show

Friday, January 18, 2013

Kekkon Shinai [Jdrama]

When I first decided to finally create a separate blog on style after much thought, I had every intention to refer style inspirations to everything I see, including entertainment. And since I love watching dramas especially Japanese dramas, I will feature some shows to showcase styles that pique my interest.

Kekkon Shinai's wardrobe is nothing much compared to shows like Gossip Girl or Ugly Betty but it shows the style that most can pull of in their everyday lives. So I took the initiative to go through each episode to highlight some styles.

Episode 1
Sakura Mai
Simple and practical with the sweet look appropriately toned down with denim top
Episode 2
Tanaka Chiharu
Peplum top with skirt in pastels for a date
Episode 4

Tanaka Chiharu
Again in pastels, but in sweater and paperbag-like skirt
Episode 5
Tanaka Chiharu
Pearl sweater and chiffon peterpan collared top with hot pink skirt
My most favourite style on the show and it saddened me that it had only a very short screen time! >.<

Tanaka Chiharu
A floral peplum full pajama?! Now ain't I jealous! 
Episode 7
Tanaka Chiharu
Cute look; a play of colors
I now have another idea as to how to wear the similar pants I have ;)
Episode 8
Tanaka Chiharu
This coat baffled me at first but since she was seen donning it for a number of times, it came to be quite an interesting find.
Kirishima Haruko
A maroon coat on V-necked grey sweater and light blue shirt with a pair of boots and tight pants gives a professional look without being dull.
Tanaka Chiharu
As is her style, a white sweater on pink shirt with sea green skirt and dark red tights. 
But the best of the look comes in the little details on her tops: the embroidery on the sweater and the beads on the collar of the shirt. 
Tanaka Chiharu
Effortless color-blocking with hot hues with the help of hot pink collar and cuffs.

Tanaka Chiharu
The same hot pink skirt as in episode 5 but matched with beaded cream sweater for a new ensemble.
Episode 9
Kouno Mizuki
A somewhat boyish sophisticated look with tweed coat on chiffon shirt. 

Sakura Mai and friend
Mai wins for me here although her friend is looking almost as good.
Brilliant look for Mai with two-colored checks beneath smooth brown coat to give a little something to the look.
Episode 10
Kouno Mizuki
Seen here in a very simple ensemble, suitable as working gear as well as casual outing.

Kirishima Haruko
The contrast of the purple to the dark grey coat gives the look a little pop.

Kirishima Haruko
When I first saw this, I got totally distracted by the scarf! It would fit perfectly in my wardrobe!
Episode 11

Tanaka Chiharu
Her usual, but a little mysterious, in purple and black.

Tanaka Chiharu
I don't usually like shorts but this is an exception, especially since it is in cream lace which brings out the soft green of the sweater, the grey of the top and the dark green of the tights.
This look comes second only to the look in episode 5.

Kirishima Haruko
My, my, look at that. The sick Haruko looking fashionably healthy in warm-looking printed coat that looks so perfect against the shirt underneath. If I were sick I would love to wear that! And don't you think the coat could come as a collection with the peplum pajama of Chiharu in episode 6? 

Tanaka Chiharu
I hate that this top only appeared for less than 2 minutes on the show and in such small frame that I could not see the whole look. Still I love the floral details of the sweater that I just have to include it here.
That's all from Kekkon Shinai. I hope you enjoyed this post. Look forward to the next tv show/movie I will post in the future! I think I'll make the posts different depending on the ideas I have and my mood~

Monday, December 31, 2012

A Borrowed Nature

Since I am almost always inspired by nature in putting on an ensemble, I decided some time ago to make a theme of looks with influence from the nature. The title of the theme? A Borrowed Nature; for I am borrowing nature as I envelope myself with nature-inspired wearable idiosyncrasies.

So here are the looks I've posted so far on, from the first to the latest:

The Golden Earth

Bold Hues of Flowers, Leaves and Branches

Flowers of Holiday

Wood and Leaves

The Bushes

Predators and the Forest

Branches and Flowers

Roses for the Lady

(Blue)ming Flowers

The Beach

Ground; Slithered

Baby Bloom

A Floral Birthday

The Forest and The Sea

Monday, December 24, 2012


One of the reasons for my love for December, aside from my birthday *cough* I'm still welcoming presents with open arms is the fact that it is the beginning of the holiday season, which means I'll be seeing a lot of my favourite colour, RED! All thanks to Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year, it's usually red till around February.

Fall 2012 not that we have the four seasons in Malaysia saw oxblood as the colour of the season. Celebrities were seen wearing the colour, lookbookers updated their latest styles donning oxblood items and the stores (including blog shops) featured such coloured products for sale. I couldn't be happier with the sombre take on red.

Jason Wu
photo off Google
H&M Faux Leather Pants
photo off Google
 related note: I tried on a pair of H&M oxblood pants, and they were great on, except for the length, of course, since I'm a petite. The saddest thing, though, is that they weren't on sale as  the ones on sale had different design and left with bigger sizes T_T 

But on first discovering the trend, I was bemused by the difference with some other hues of red. Like, how would I know oxblood from say, burgundy, wine and maroon? An article I came across claimed that oxblood has more red than maroon. And after asking one of my best friends, Google the others include wikipedia and dictionary and yes, I'm a little bit of a nerd if you're wondering, it appears that burgundy has more purple in it (unless my eyes are playing tricks on me). Some articles, though, stated that oxblood is simply the new name for burgundy.

Maybe fellow lookbooker Daniela Ramirez's looks could help clear away my confusion?

In burgundy skirt:

Fully oxblood-clad:

Hmm, it seems the precise shades of red are still a mystery to me. But here's how I welcome my red December this year, as a (Sombre) Santa Shopper:

In any case, red to me is always one of the colours of December. Whether in the sinister oxblood or the merry classic crimson, let's just paint the town red pun much intended!